NEW! Shades EQ Matte Family

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Meet the New Shades

Natural Results with a Kiss of Cool


Background: Brown to Tan

Reflect: Blue/Green

Earthy tones with Shades EQ signature shine


Natural with a kiss of cool

- The new Shades EQ Gloss Matte family shades deposits true-to-tone cool, natural results for optimal reflect visibility. 

- 4 new shades inspired by cool, earthy tones but still have the iconic shine and conditioning of Shades EQ.

- On darker bases, this family helps to reduce unwanted warmth while creating natural, cool looks like Mushroom Brown. On lighter bases, it creates iridescent natural looks like Beige Blonde. 


How to Use:

- Alone for full reflect strength

- Intermix with other Shades EQ Gloss shades to customize hair’s tone for maximum personalization

- Ideal to achieve the haircolors of the season

- Mushroom Brown and Beige Blonde

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