Extreme Natural Coverage with Color Gels Lacquers NN Shades

Shop the New Color Gels Lacquers NN Shades!

Introducing the NEW Color Gels Lacquers NN Family - The liquid permanent color you love with an extra dose of natural background for maximum saturation and coverage on even the most resistant gray hair types.


• Features an extra dose of brown-to-tan background for up to 100% gray coverage on thick, coarse and other resistant hair types.

• Brown-to-tan background with blue/violet reflect for a neutral, balanced result.

• Liquid formula for shine and creative technique work.


How are the New NN shades different from the N shades?

While both the N and the NN families from Color Gels Lacquers provide superior gray coverage with a very similar tonality, the NN family has an extra dose of natural background, which will provide maximum saturation and coverage on even the most stubborn gray hair.


The NEW NN shades can be used on their own or intermixed with other Color Gels Lacquers shades (excluding shades containing Carmin'R or R5 Technologies) to provide coverage in a variety of reflects. The NN shades follow the same mixing and processing guidelines as other Color Gels Lacquers shades. Always mix with Redken Pro-Oxide Cream Developer and follow the timing guidelines below:

- 10 Vol.= 20 Minutes

- 20 Vol. = 30 Minutes (Up to 35 for gray hair)

- 30 Vol. = 40 Minutes

- 40 Vol. = 50 Minutes

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