Achieve 9 Levels of Lift!

Shop Blond Studio 9!

The wait is finally over! Introducing L’Oréal Professionnel’s next generation of professional lightener.


The Blond Studio 9 System achieves up to 9-levels of lift, optimal neutralization, and cleaner results. This oil-enriched lightener and developer duo work in tandem with eachother to smooth the hair cuticle and provide a creamy texture for ease of mixing and application. Artists now have a multi-technique lightener designed to maximize lift on the darkest bases, with results visible after just 10 minutes!


For enclosed techniques, the 9-level lightener must be partnered with designated Aluminum Foils from L’Oréal Professionnel to support the intended lift and client safety. We do not recommend use of any other foils.


The final step to every lightening service, the DIA Light Milkshakes will provide your blonde clients with the customization and care that they need in just 2-10 minutes. This luxurious gel-crème gloss is a luminous top coat that actually closes the hair cuticle, locking in color and providing beautiful shine.

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