Published by: Andrew Carruthers
May 06, 2020

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About The Expert

Andrew Carruthers
Director of Education for Sam Villa

Andrew Carruthers’ career as a hairdresser has been extremelydiverse.  Fueled by over 17 years of fulltime work in a salon, his experience also includes salon ownership,photographic work, as well as personal and professional coaching. As an educator, Andrew has worked for many national cosmetologybrands and is currently the Education Director for Sam Villa®, abrand that provides a wide variety of both online and live education.  From small hands-on classes to large stages, hislove for supporting others personal growth and sharing his discoveries has beena passion since the early days of his career. Primarily focusing on women’s and men’s haircutting and finishing, hisapproach to education is all about connecting with the everyday hairdresser andoffering them the tools necessary to build a fulfilling and long-lasting career. "I'm not trying to impress the top 5% with what I do, I’mthinking about how I can serve the 95% of our industry that works at XYZ BeautySalon to make every day stronger in their career.”

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