9 Inspirational Quotes You Need To Read Right Now

Written by: SalonCentric Team
Mar 31, 2020
The professional beauty community is one of the most resilient there is. And while we’re facing uncertain times and difficult days ahead, it is certain that we will adapt, we will get through, we will recover and we will continue to be a powerful community made stronger together. While this time of social distancing can feel isolating, that’s what social networking is for. Let’s stay connected and support one another knowing we’re all in this together. Share a smile, a laugh, and some positivity with the below uplifting reminders that this too shall pass.

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A couple of thoughts. How often have you said or heard...I wish I could just slow down, stay home for a while, take a break, not have so many obligations, spend time with my family, have more time so I could.... I wish life was slower, simpler. Well for all of us, life has changed. We are doing and experiencing a lot of the things we said we wanted, and even though it’s scary and not the way we wanted it to unfold it’s here. Maybe this reset is something that we all need and a great time to evaluate what’s important and necessary to us. What do we really need, how much of the stuff we cram into our lives is truly just superfluous crap, how do we feel, what lights us up, what is important in our lives and to our future, what portion of our “busy” is just distraction. It’s time to be truthful and to curate the life you want, to be discerning with what you allow into it and where you put your priorities. #ownit #truthcurator #tabathacoffey #lifecurator #lifecoach #priorities #strongertogether #whatsimportant

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In times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for leaders to communicate. . . Clear, kind, assuring communication can eliminate fear, anxiety and create a feeling of safety. . . With all the knowns + unknowns around the COVID 19 virus, clear communication with your team + clients is important and can build even deeper trust and connection.️ . . I wrote a NEW blog with some steps you can take along with awesome examples of what salons across the US are doing to communicate clearly, simply, kindly + also in a fun, lighthearted way. Click on the link in our bio @passionsquared to read the blog. . . This is not overreacting. This is leadership. It’s smart business. It’s kind. And it matters. . . I love you. And your well being and safety along with the well being and safety of your business matter a fuck ton to me. Love- Nina

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