How-To: Twist & Twirl Braid

Published by: Design.ME Team
Mar 18, 2019

by Alexandra Wilson

Step 1:
If desired, add clip-in extensions for fullness and/or color. For better hold, use Puff.ME for teasing section then add clip-ins.

Step 2:

Curl the whole head with 1 1/4 “ barrel.

Step 3:
Secure crown area with an elastic, leaving hair in front of ears out. Spray Puff.ME, pinch and pull for added volume and texture.

Step 4:
Take 2” sections from each side of the head twisting them back and pin to opposite side.

Step 5:

Spray Puff.ME to twisted sections, pinch and pull the twists to create more volume.

Step 6 & 7:
After 6 twists, leave some pieces out to create a soft/romantic feel and secure the next 2” of hair into an elastic. Flip ponytail under or use the Design.ME topsy tail to create the perfect tail.

Step 8:

Spray Puff.ME then pinch and pull the topsy tail, creating more volume. Repeat steps 7 & 8 creating 1 more topsy tail to finish the look.

Step 9:

Touch up pieces you left out around hair line with 1 1/4 “ barrel.

Step 10:

Spray Hold.ME on the highest setting to lock in the look.

Photography: Courtesy of Design.ME
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