Halloween How-To: Create the David Bowie-Inspired Pompadour Look

Published by: Sexy Hair Team
Oct 16, 2018

Step 1:
Prep hair with Healthy Sexy Hair Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner. This will help keep your hair shiny and hydrated.

Step 2:
For up to 50% quicker drying time, apply Hot Sexy Hair Flash Me and continue your blow-drying routine.

Step 3:
Make a 3” long horizontal part at temples, then a vertical section down to the back of the ear creating square sections on both sides.

Step 4:

Using Healthy Sexy Hair Styling Paste, create a 90-degree Dutch braid in both square sections.

Step 5:
Sprinkle Big Sexy Hair Powder Play and expand braids.

Step 6:

Apply Hot Sexy Hair Protect Me to prevent any heat damage. It protects up to 450F. Then, use a crimper on random sections for fun detail pops.

Step 7:
Spray Healthy Sexy Hair Surfrider for added texture.

Step 8:

Sprinkle Big Sexy Hair Powder Play at the roots and back comb hair at the top.

Step 9:

Make a horizontal parting 2” behind hairline then create a loose French braid. Knot end of braid and seal with a flat iron.

Step 10:
While holding up the top of the braid, use Healthy Sexy Hair Pure Addiction as a finish hairspray and to support added volume.

Final look:

Credit: Hair by Briana Hernandez. @SwanProcess


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