Halloween How To: Create She-Ra-Inspired Super Waves

Published by: Sexy Hair Team
Oct 03, 2018

Halloween season is finally here, and Sexy Hair has plenty of fresh new hairstyle ideas that are both cool and practical. Take for example, She-Ra the gorgeous superhero known not only for being the power princess of the universe, but also for her big and voluminous hair. Want to know how to create these super waves? Sexy Hair has got your back! We’ve broken down the steps and have a few product recommendations to achieve She-Ra’s superhero hairstyle. Best of all, you’ll learn styling tips and tricks that can be applied long after Halloween.

Step 1:
Wash and condition with Big Sexy Hair volumizing shampoo & conditioner.

Step 2:

Apply Big Sexy Hair Total Body from roots through ends. This will help your hair have 2 x the body.

Step 3:
Apply Hot Sexy Hair Flash Me to reduce drying time by up to 50%.

Step 4:

Once 80% of hair is dry, divide it into sections & round brush completely.

Step 5:

Curl entire head applying Hot Sexy Hair Control Me & use the Curl Lock Pro 1” Curling Iron while overdirecting all roots. Hot Sexy Hair Control Me will help hold curls longer and protect hair from heat damage.

Step 6:
Split curls in half and lightly brush surface. Use Smooth Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal to eliminate flyaways.

Step 7:
Use 4-prong comb & apply Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play to reinforce & add volume.

Step 8:
For more of a vintage wave look, brush curls thoroughly with a paddle brush & finish with Hot Sexy Hair Control Me.


See the full tutorial here:

Credits: Photography Courtesy of Sexy Hair. Hair by Briana Hernandez/@SwanProcess

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