How-To: Create The Most Beautiful Lilac Smoke

Written by: Sparks Team
Jan 21, 2021

That smokey, ashy blonde clients are always asking for? Well, here’s your answer to a fast and easy way to get the look. SPARKS Powder Lightener and Permanent Pastel Toners make creating gorgeous blondes as easy as 1,2,3. 

Because SPARKS Powder Lightener has the ideal consistency and strength to attack banding and unwanted underlying pigment while protecting the hair, you can create a clean canvas to set the foundation for the tone you do want. Then using SPARKS Pastel Toners, which are packed with pigment to give you total creative freedom and control, allow you to easily create highly sought-after violet ashes, smokey ashes or even ash reds with one tube and one application. Watch how SPARKS Educator, Terry Gonzalez takes this banded blonde to a perfect lilac smoke in just three steps. 

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