SoColor Cult Transformation by Rickey Zito and Philip Wolff

Published by: Matrix Team
Nov 06, 2018
Rickey Zito and Philip Wolff using #SoColorCult for a beautiful transformation on Vita. Recreate with the formula below.

LIGHTENER – MIDLENGTHS/ ENDS: Light Master * Bond Ultim8 & 30VOL (9%)
LIGHTENER BASE: Light Master * Bond Ultim8 & 20VOL (6%)
FORMULA C: 1:1 SoColor Cult Royal Purple * Stonewashed Denim
FORMULA D: 1:1 SoColor Cult Bubblegum Pink * Blooming Orchid
FORMULA E: SoColor Cult Marble Gray * Stonewashed Denim * Dusty Blue * Dusty Purple
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