How-To: New Color Technique For Dark Bases With Matrix Muy Melted

Written by: Matrix Team
Sep 14, 2022

Ready to deconstruct a multi-melt service? Here’s how Matrix Bi-Lingual Global Educator Artist, Pati Rodriguez (@pati.rodrigz) creates “Muy Melted,” a high-contrast, high-shine transformation on her level 3 client.

“With our model Natalie, we’re going for a high contrast look,” says Pati. “We will deepen and darken her natural shade then blend it out into warmer and lighter color on the ends. We’ll also add more dimension to the ends with lowlights so they aren’t so solid.”


Natural Level: 3

Underlying Pigment: Red Orange

Hair Diameter: Medium

Wave Pattern: Wavy/2A


Formula A: SoColor Pre-Bonded Blended 4M + 10 Volume Cream Developer
Formula B: SoColor Pre-Bonded Blended 9G + 10 Volume Cream Developer
Formula C: SoColor Pre-Bonded Blended 6W + 10 Volume Cream Developer

• Apply Formula A at the base and saturate down three inches from the scalp.

• Apply Formula B to the ends

• Apply Formula C one inch from Formula A using the index and middle fingers to blend the three formulas together.

• Working throughout the head, isolate select lowlight strands, place them on a color board and paint Formula A onto mids and ends.

• Process for 30 minutes at room temperature.

• Once processed, rinse the hair with lukewarm water. Shampoo and condition the hair with Matrix Total Results Unbreak My Blonde. Style as desired.

“We wanted to embrace the beautiful hair that Natalie already had,” comments Pati, “and then really kick it up a notch.”

Matrix Muy Melt

Doesn’t it seem as if your darker haired clients—levels 1-5—get cheated out of all the trending hair color techniques that come around? Admittedly, there have always been challenges when coloring your brunette beauties. It’s more difficult to create dimension and reflection without using lighteners and high-lift formulas that can cause damage. But Pati and her colleagues have created a new technique called “Muy Melted” that lets you create seamless dimension on dark bases without fear of damage.

Matrix Muy Melt


Not only is it fun to do, it’s a revelation for stylists and their brunette clients. Go ahead and add up the number of dark-haired clients on your books, estimate the revenue from being able to provide each one of them with an exciting new color service and do the math. You’ll see that Color Melting can be a game changer.

“Our studies show that dark bases make up half of the population,” says Pati. “That’s a big number. And the biggest complaint among clients with dark hair is flat or dull color. With Color Melt, we can offer dimensional, shiny color effects for all those people, without damaging their hair.”


Here’s everything you need to know about Melting: