Three New Pro Tips To Take Brass Right Out Of Your Client’s Hair

Written by: Matrix Team
Mar 01, 2022

Every pro knows that one of the most significant pain points when it comes to hair color is unwanted brass. Brassy, warm tones happen primarily in Levels 5 - 7, when underlying orange pigment is exposed due to lightening. It happens way too often and it’s heartbreaking. Nothing is worse than running into your gorgeous balayage client and discovering your beautiful neutral highlights have taken on an orange glow. Needless to say, she’s not going to be happy, and neither are you!

Happily, there is a solution to unwanted brass that is amazingly quick, simple and yes, even profitable, says Dilek Onur-Taylor (@dilekonurtaylor), Matrix AVP of Artist Training and Development. The Matrix Total Results Brass Off system—shampoo, conditioner and mask—deposits neutralizing blue dyes that stamp out brass and restore the original neutral tones to your highlighted and lightened brunettes. “Brass Off has become the standard in instant toning for brassy color,” says Onur-Taylor. “The system is insanely popular with stylists and clients everywhere.”

Brass Off is also a huge asset to salon profitability. Sell just 10 Brass Off Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask sets a week for the suggested retail price of $66 ($33 salon price to our pros) and that adds up to more than $34,000 in annual retail revenue. Add $220 in express backbar toning services per week and you’re up to more than $45,000 a year in additional toning revenue. Everybody wins, including you and your bank account!

Ready to bust some brass? Here are three of Onur-Taylor’s favorite ways to use Brass Off—at home and in the salon--to control unwanted warmth.

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The Quick Fix

To neutralize underlying warm tones, apply Brass Off Shampoo directly to dry hair. Depending on the hair's level of brassiness and porosity, leave the pigmented shampoo on for two to five minutes. Rinse, and then apply the conditioner to nourish hair and replenish moisture. “I also like to use the Brass Off Conditioner as a leave-in to soften and hydrate the hair,” Onur-Taylor reveals. “Plus I sometimes mix a small amount of the conditioner with water in a water bottle and use it as a cutting lotion that helps my shears glide more easily through the hair.”

 Save Time + Money With Pre-Toning

“This is one of my favorite techniques for keeping cool blondes and brunettes cool longer,” says Onur-Taylor. “Use Brass Off Shampoo to pre-tone stubborn, unwanted warm tones before applying your toner.” Here’s how it works. First, process your lightener to the desired level. Rinse off the lightener, apply Brass Off Shampoo, lather and rinse. Next, apply Brass Off Mask to wet hair and comb it through. Leave it on the hair for one minute to cool warm tones and three to five minutes to eliminate gold/orange tones. Rinse and then apply your desired SoColor Sync toning formula.  

Prevent Blorange Between Color Appointments

The mighty duo of Brass Off Shampoo and Brass Off Mask is the best way to keep hair toned and refreshed between color appointments. “This combo prevents brassy, blorange tones and maintains cool, salon-fresh color,” says Onur-Taylor. Instruct your client to apply Brass Off Shampoo to wet hair, leave it on for five minutes and rinse. Then apply the Brass Off Mask, comb through, leave it on for five to ten minutes, rinse and style. “You can also offer this as a quick and easy add-on service in the salon to maintain brunette and blonde cool tones and neutralize and eliminate unwanted orange tones without shifting the color,” says Onur-Taylor.

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