How-To: Back To Summer Blonde

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Mar 25, 2021


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

It’s that time of year again when warm winter brunettes embark on the road back to summer blonde. Find joy in the journey with SPARKS vegan formula colors and SPARKS Powder Lightener to make the return easy and fun. 

On this model’s classic brunette, there were a few layers of dark, warm color to lift through. While her end goal is summer blonde, it’s important to preserve the integrity of her hair on the way there. For her first session, SPARKS Powder Lightener was used to do a full foil highlight. This is ideal for breaking up her dark base and getting her one step closer to summer blonde perfection. 

Step 1: Section out a rectangle along the front hairline for a brighter, face-framing section. 


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

Step 2: Separate the front from the back, leaving you five total sections. 


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

Step 3: Mix 20g SPARKS Powder Lightener with 40g 20-Volume Developer. In a second bowl, mix 30g SPARKS Powder Lightener with 13-Volume Developer. 

sparkscolor-mixing-lightener-and 20vol-developer

Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

Step 4: Apply a foil highlight to section 1, using back-to-back foils that are weaved. Apply SPARKS 13-Volume formula to any natural, outgrowth and the 20-Volume formula to any previously colored hair. This model had very fine hair that needed to be protected and so we took our time lifting. If working on more coarsely-textured or resistant hair, increase your developer strength. 


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

Step 5: Move to the front side sections and repeat. 


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

Step 6: Move to section 4 (the mohawk area) and use back-to-back tease-and-weave foils.


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

Step 7: Moving to back of the head, start at the bottom with angled, weaved foils. This should create a V-shape up along the back of the head. After two rows of “Vs”, do a row of foils that are tease-and-weaves. Repeat this pattern until you reach the top of the head. 


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

Step 8: At the top of the head, switch to horizontal tease-and-weave sections until you have reached the front section. 


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

Step 9: Process for 45 minutes then rinse, shampoo, and dry. 


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

Step 10: Mix your overlay formulas. This model lifted very easily around the face where the hair is fine, so for this section we replaced the missing depth by adding some gold to the formula. We mixed 10g of 9.32 with 20g of 7.00 with 30g of 13-Volume and 15g of SPARKS Color Transformer. In the back, there was still residual warmth so we added extra blue to our formula with 6.1. We mixed 10g of 6.1 with 20g of 7.00 with 30g of 13-Volume and 15g of SPARKS Color Transformer. This resulted in a demi-permanent deposit and a beautiful rich, lighter brown than she started with, which is just what we were going for with this first session. 


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS
If you’re new to SPARKS or not sure which colors to use, try one of SPARKS’ affordable new user kits to get everything you need to find the joy in the journey as you take your clients back to blonde for summer. 

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