Gem Root Crystal Creations by Chita Beseau

Published by: Chita Beseau
May 01, 2018


Formula 1: Root: .75 oz VIVIDS Purple Tourmaline
Formula 2: Midshaft Top: .75 oz PASTELS Mystical Mint +.25oz VIVIDS Clear
Formula 3: Midshaft Bottom: VIVIDS Rose Quartz
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About The Expert

Chita Beseau

Chita is a stylist based out of Las Vegas at the Atelier by Square Salon. She specializes in VIVIDS creative colors, specifically her take on pastels and neons, as well as unique styling. She built her career using social media and through teaching color and styling classes. Recently, Chita won a Behind the Chair One Shot Award for Collaboration of the Year alongside and is a proud member of PRAVANA COLLECTIVE. Chita was also recently featured as a Beauty Expert teammate on Lifetime TV’s “American Beauty Star.”