How-To: Fast And Simple Hand Painting

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Apr 27, 2021

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Fast, easy, beautiful hair—it’s every colorist’s dream. We’ve all had that client who schedules for a routine touch-up, but once in your chair, announces that they “just want to go a little lighter today.” This technique allows you to deliver without excessively extending your service time.
In this step-by-step, see how the ideal consistency of SPARKS Powder Lightener gives you the option to transform your client’s color with a simple and fast hand painting technique. The application is simple and the results are beautiful. For a softer, more subtle change, follow the step-by-step as is. For more dramatic results, up your developer of choice as needed to get brighter, blonder results.

Formula A (back and sides of the head)
SPARKS Powder Lightener + 13-Volume Creme Developer [1:2 Mixing Ratio]

Formula B (top of the head)
SPARKS Powder Lightener + 20-Volume Creme Developer [1:2 Mixing Ratio]

Formula C (Overlay) 
C1: Base (outgrowth) 1oz 6.80 + 1oz 20-Volume 
C2 : Mid-shaft to ends 0.75oz 9.0 + .25oz 7.44 + 1oz 13-Volume + .50oz Color Transformer

If you do not need to lift at the base, use 13-Volume and Color Transformer in place of 20-Volume for Formula C1

SPARKS Powder Lightener
SPARKS 13-Volume Developer
SPARKS 20-Volume Developer
SPARKS Permanent Shades: 6.80, 9.0, 7.44
SPARKS Color Transformer


1. Starting level.

sparks step 1
2. Section out a small wide triangle on the front hairline that encompasses the part. 


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

3. Section out the front from back with a “headband” part from ear to ear.


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

4. Start at the nape area. Work in medium sized triangles that overlap each other. Use your hands to saturate the hair with lightener from the midshaft down. Feather up lightly with fingers. Continue until back of head is done. 


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

5. Move to side of head, section B. Use same application with hands but use horizontal, thinner slices. 


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

6. Move to section C, the triangle. Use back to back slices in foil to create more saturation and lighter results. Tease each slice to add depth at the base. 

7. Process for up to 45 minutes or until you achieve a level 7, rinse, shampoo and dry. 

8. Overlay on dry hair using Formula C1 on any new growth and C2 on the mid-shaft and ends. Process the overlay formula for 30 minutes, rinse, shampoo, dry.  


Source: Courtesy of SPARKS

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