3 SoColor Cult Long-Lasting Vibrant Looks

Written by: Matrix Team
Jan 26, 2022

These days, the call for fashion-forward hair color has never been higher. From hydrangea pink and dusty spearmint to storm cloud grey, the range of requests for creative color is never-ending, which gives you the opportunity to mix up an endless assortment of fabulous hair colors. The one downside? Often these direct dyes slip away sooner than you and your client would like, shifting from vivid to “meh” way too soon. But now there’s a solution for gone-too-soon and faded hues. Matrix SoColor Cult is formulated with their highest concentration of vivid dyes, for ultimate long-lasting vibrancy. Plus, the longevity is completely customizable. With shades available in semi, demi, and permanent technologies, you choose how long the color lasts.

SoColor Cult shade categories include primary “must-haves” in red, yellow and blue; pastels like Bubblegum Pink and Lavender Macaron; dusty blue and teal tones; along with neutral mix-ins that come in grey, clear, and black options. Conditioning ingredients are blended into every shade, to ensure your clients leave with healthy, shiny hair.

Matrix Brand Ambassador Constance Robbins (@constancerobbins) is a SoColor Cult fan, as she uses it on a wide range of clients. Here are some of her tips for making the most of these unique color options:

  • “To introduce clients to more colorful ways of thinking, wear SoColor Cult in your own hair,” she advises. “It could be face-framing highlights a small accent in your fringe or a pastel toner over existing highlightsanything to invite questions from your clients about changing up their own hair.”
  • “When pre-lightening, take the time you need to lighten the hair as evenly as possible before applying the final SoColor Cult formula. The more even your canvas, the better your end result and fade out will look.”
  • “When applying SoColor Cult, take small sections and saturate the hair fully.”
  • “Wipe down the hairline immediately after application to prevent scalp staining.”
  • “When formulating base color formulas, add a little bit of coolness or a muted tone to prevent the scalp area from appearing too hot. Even the most intense shades will look more natural with this technique.”
  • “If a client is shy about trying color, introduce them to pastel tones over existing highlights first. It’s a great way to play with color that doesn’t require a commitment. Bubblegum Pink and Lavender Macaron are client favorites and fade back to blonde beautifully.”
  • “Finish every Cult color service with Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Laminator Spray at the backbar for ultimate longevity. Also send clients home with the Keep Me Vivid range to protect their color investment.”

Here are three looks by Constance, showing the collection’s incredible range and Insta-worthy results.

Bubblegum Fantasy

Products Used:


  • Pre-lighten the hair with Formula A until it reaches pale yellow.
  • Apply Formula B to scalp area and feather it down to create a root shadow.
  • Alternate Formulas C & D through mid-lengths and ends in a brick-lay pattern. Using your fingers, thoroughly blend Formula B (base formula) into Formulas C & D for a seamless melt.

Mint Twist

Products Used:


  • Pre-lighten with Formula A until it reaches pale yellow.
  • Apply Formula B in the scalp area and feather it down to create a root shadow.
  • Place Formulas C & D in a balayage pattern, with Formula C acting as a low light and Formula D as the highlight.

Pro Tip:

Place Formula D higher up around the face to act as a face-framing highlights

Confident Crimson

Product Used:

  • Apply Formula A to scalp area.
  • While Formula A is processing, perform a balayage with Formula B for dimension. Process to light orange.
  • Shampoo and dry the hair 80%.
  • Glaze the hair with FormulaC, off the scalp and through the ends. 


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