How-To: Strengthen And Repair Your Client’s Textured Hair

Written by: MIZANI Team
Aug 03, 2020

Source: Courtesy of Mizani

One of the most important things as a stylist is helping a client maintain the integrity of their hair. And one of the ways in which to achieve this is with the regimen of products a stylist uses. Mizani Artist Ashley Jackson gives us the texture talk on how she strengthens and repairs her clients’ strands.

Source: Courtesy of Mizani

Why is Mizani’s Strength Fusion line important in your regimen as a texture stylist?
This line is important to my regimen because most clients only focus on moisture and forget about strength. The balance of both moisture and strength is crucial for maintaining healthy textured hair. Mizani’s Strength Fusion line is designed with technology that recovers damaged hair for 4 times less breakage.

Describe the step-by-step regimen of using Mizani’s Strength Fusion line.
First, I wash my client’s hair with Mizani’s Moisture Fusion Gentle Clarifying Shampoo.

Source: Courtesy of Mizani

Next, I immediately follow with a second wash using Mizani’s Strength Fusion Strengthening and Repairing Shampoo. This shampoo targets damaged, dry hair and works to repair texture strands in between chemical treatments.

Source: Courtesy of Mizani

Then, I use the Strength Fusion Recover Mask with added heat for deep infusion. It leaves the hair super soft and reverses damage that may be caused by chemical treatments.

Source: Courtesy of Mizani

Plus, I make sure my clients maintain their strength at home with Strength Fusion’s Intense Night-time Treatment

Source: Courtesy of Mizani

Why is this your go-to line for clients with textured hair?
It’s my go-to because it helps restore and fortify my clients’ curl patterns when I do chemical and thermal services.

How do you use these products in a client's service to increase both your bottom line and business?
The cost of this treatment is baked into all my color services. My clients are getting a premium treatment that puts the health of their hair first. Additionally, I upsell this service to my styling client, and they feel extra secure knowing their hair has an extra layer of protection and strength during heat styling. 

How you incorporate Strength Fusion into your color services?
For color services, I follow the same steps, but use the Strength Fusion Strengthening and Repairing Shampoo prior to toning and the Strength Fusion Recover Mask after toning. This allows for consistent color processing, seals the cuticle, and fortifies the repairing and strengthening factor.  

To learn more about caring and styling textured hair book your next class at the Mizani Texpert Academy.


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