How-To: Create Internal Graduation On A Blunt Bob

Written by: Andrew Carruthers
Sep 03, 2019
“Next time a guest wants a cool blunt bob that’s a bit leaner through the perimeter with the illusion of more fullness, international graduation is the way to go,” says Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa.

Internal graduation on a blunt bob can be used to reduce the weight and bulk towards the perimeter edge. It gives the effect of layering and graduation without actually seeing any short pieces on the top surface. By placing the graduation on the inside of the shape through texturizing, it keeps the appearance of a solid bob, but gives a leaner shape that brings out a sense of volume.

“When the bottom of a bob is square, it makes the shape look flat on the top and sides, but when you tuck the ends, it takes on more of a roundness which gives the illusion of fullness,” says Carruthers. “Internal graduation is what helps build a leaner shape without a lot of surface texture or graduation.”

•Work efficiently and organized.
•Start in center back.
•Work with vertical sections at about 45 degree elevation.
•Pin previous sections out of way before taking next section to prevent creating holes.
•Keep finger angle and length of cutting as consistent as possible.
•Use the Sam Villa Streamline Series Shear 6.75”, the blade length allows for deep cutting and the ergonomical design with thumb cutouts allows for different cutting positions without the wrist bending in compromising positions.
Photography: Courtesy of Sam Villa
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