A Revolutionary New College Degree In Beauty And Wellness

Written by: Maureen Sheen
Jan 23, 2021

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The very first class of full-scholarship recipients courtesy of ROLFS Global

Investing in yourself and in your education is always the answer. And if there’s one thing that the pandemic has exposed over this past tumultuous year, it’s that beauty professionals need to be equipped with the educational tools to handle financial and operational crises, and to be ready to respond to critical business challenges. The impact of COVID-19 on the beauty industry over this past year has underscored the need for and importance of a more diversified education in beauty. “Now more than ever, beauty is about innovation and evolution, so the professionals of tomorrow must be equipped with a broad mix of skills that move them beyond technical proficiency,” says Francis Tesmer, ROLFS Global CEO. “A cosmetology degree is essential, but a bachelor’s degree, with a focus on finance, business and more, is also essential in today’s world. Our over $500 billion dollar essential and powerful industry has the highest obligation to positively impact the world and humanity collectively in a time when we need it the most. We are responding to this historic calling by empowering our workforce through higher education, which will enable them to embrace a much bigger and more transformative role in the world.”

Francis Tesmer Headshot_Francis Tesmer_ROLFS

Francis Tesmer, ROLFS Global CEO

In partnership with Mesa Community College (MCC) and Arizona State University (ASU), Tesmer has pioneered the creation and development of a first-of-its-kind higher-education program just for beauty professionals. Students around the globe can now earn the first ever Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Beauty and Wellness, and then apply to Arizona State University for a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree program in Heath, Entrepreneurship and Innovation with an emphasis on personal care. “We have developed an accelerated program in which students can earn their degrees in half the time, with an AAS taking one year and a BAS taking two years,” says Tesmer.

Immediately following cosmetology school, a licensed cosmetologist can enroll at MCC for an AAS in Beauty and Wellness, which can be completed in an accelerated timeline over the course of two semesters. A cosmetologist will be awarded 30 credit hours towards his or her AAS degree at no additional cost. After earning the AAS, the student then has access to a continued pathway at ASU where he or she can transfer 100% of the 60 AAS credit hours earned. The student will then fulfill an additional 60 credit hours, typically accomplished in four semesters, to earn a BAS. Courses will teach students skills in finance, marketing leadership, ethics, communication and evidence-based decision-making. Offered online, on campus, or as a hybrid of the two, “this is the fastest, most cost-effective and transformational degree ever offered,” says Tesmer. The cost of online tuition is the same for in-state, out-of-state and international students alike. In addition, the breakdown of tuition costs at MCC and ASU is as follows:

Mesa Community College
- Full-time per semester approximate costs: $2,400 — $3,500 
- Part-time per semester approximate costs: $1,200 — $1,750

Arizona State University
- Full-time per semester approximate costs: $9,420 
- Part-time per semester approximate costs: $4,710 

A scholarship program has also been established, with the program’s first full-ride recipients of 12 stylist-students on track to complete their associate and bachelor’s degrees, totaling an investment of more than $516,000 by ROLFS Global. 

“Built into this degree are opportunities for internship experiences, including exchange students overseas, that offer a real-world view of the current and future nature of the beauty industry,” adds Tesmer. She enlisted the support of L’Oréal USA’s Professional Products Division (PPD) to partner and support this US collegiate program. L’Oréal USA PPD will provide further career prospects for the students enrolled in this US program.By leveraging the company’s vast salon, artist, educator and vendor networks, L’Oréal USA PPD has committed to providing industry-oriented curriculum support and education content, experts for guest lecturers and speaking engagements, as well as mentorship, apprenticeship and other education and career advancement opportunities. 

“I applaud Francis Tesmer and ROLFS Global for their vision and commitment to make this higher education pathway a reality for the next generation of beauty professionals,” said David Greenberg, Group President of L’Oréal USA’s Professional Products Division. “This is the right time for this program, and I hope that other institutions of higher learning across the United States will embrace this pioneering model which will create new opportunities for professionals within this critically important sector of the economy. Supporting a collegiate degree that enables individuals with a passion for beauty to pursue a career within and beyond the salon studying business management, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, wellness, ethics and more symbolizes L’Oréal’s long-standing commitment to the industry, helping to pave the way for the next generation of beauty innovators and hairdressing talents.”

Headshot David Greenberg
David Greenberg, Group President of L’Oréal USA’s Professional Products Division

Tesmer has dedicated the last 11 years to bringing this revolutionary degree program to life, encouraging affordable higher education all the while. “This forward-thinking degree prepares beauty professionals for careers that meet the needs and expectations of the 21stcentury consumers and markets. The salon and beauty industry desperately needs a qualified work force. There is a risk of hundreds of thousands of job opportunities not to be fulfilled,” says Tesmer. “Creating a new mindset of consumer centric state-of-the-art services will elevate the experience and increase loyalty to professional beauty services. Although focused on cosmetology, students will not be limited to just working in salons as the program envisions a wide scope of careers including educators, movie and fashion-industry professionals, marketers and digital communicators or lab workers developing new products. This program will give the industry the reinvigoration it needs by infusing hope for the future, instilling career pride for beauty professionals and building prestige and profit for our industry and its players, benefitting all.”

Along with its academic partners, ROLFS Global is currently working to scale this program nationally. For more information, visit https://rolfssalon.com/thirdspaceinstitute/.

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