Here’s The Must-Have Tech Tool To Power Up Your Business And Career In 2021

Published by: SalonCentric Team
Dec 31, 2020
New year, new you, new opportunities, right? In the spirit of new, new, new, we’re bringing you the scoop on the must-have tech/marketing tool of 2021 to power your business and career in the professional beauty industry: Canvas Me. Listen as co-founders Jen and Matt Martinelli introduce you to Canvas Me, and how it can help beauty pros, beauty businesses and cosmetology students enhance and celebrate their talent, creativity, individuality, achievements and opportunities in a beautiful digital way.

And to learn more about Canvas Me and what it can do to empower your business and career, check out SalonCentric Education’s upcoming classes with Canvas Me on January 5, 2021:

Canvas Me Market Yourself Like a Boss
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