To Do This Month: Promotions for Moms, Dads, Brides and Grads

Written by: Modern Salon Custom
May 01, 2018

Nodoubt you’re already posting your fabulous before and after shots on Instagram,passing along your vendor partners’ discounts to your retail clients and planningto wear your salon T-shirt at the walk-a-thon fundraiser. But the summer seasonalso offers up some prime opportunities for promoting your business. Here are afew ideas to make the most of upcoming occasions.


Mother’s Day: BOGO GiftCard Promotion

Oneof the smartest gift card promotions is the “Buy One Get One” gift card.According to the experts at Millennium Software, offering a free $20 gift cardfor the gift-giver with the purchase of a $100 card for mom, for example,stimulates gift card sales overall, and could double the number of redeemingguests with each purchase.


Father’s Day: Daddy/Sonand Daughter Promotion

Accordingto UK salon marketing specialists Lockhart-Meyer, women are actually the mainbuyers of Father’s Day gifts. So target them with an irresistible promotionthat includes the entire family by creating a “Dad and Son/Daughter Special”like mom purchases a haircut and style for dad, and one of the kids gets a cutor style for free. In addition to the savings, it provides special bonding timefor dad and his child.


Graduation: New JobMakeover

Createa service and product package to ready the new grad for the work world. Gear ittowards parents and relatives as a gift for their grad. The package couldinclude a shape-up cut, fresh color and mani/pedi for girls, or a haircut andbeard trim for guys.


Prom & Wedding: PrepParties

Puttogether a special discounted package for bridal parties or groups ofprom-goers. And encourage guests to book as far ahead of time as possible soyou can be sure you’re staffed adequately for the group. Make the day specialby serving snacks and champagne―or substitute sparkling water in champagneflutes for the underage prom crowd. Send guests on their way with emergencywedding or prom kits containing mini hairspray, breath mints and a pack oftissues for tears and/or blotting. Advertise the party packages with signage inthe salon and on social media. At Elements Salon in New York, Robert Santanaand his team create mood boards that display hair, makeup and fashion trends tostimulate interest in their special occasion services.


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