Service Menu Trends: How to Profit from the Bond Builder Revolution

Written by: Modern Salon Custom
May 01, 2018


Thesedays, clients can’t get enough of hair color. And thanks to the introduction ofrevolutionary new bond building formulas, it’s safer and healthier than ever tosatisfy your color chameleons, as well as all your chemical service clients.

Bondersare added directly to your hair color, straightening and smoothing formulas. Theyspeed up the reformation of the disulfide bonds of the hair that break downduring chemical processing. They seal these bonds tightly so the hair remainshealthy and strong. Many bonding systems also include a home conditioningcomponent that offers continuous conditioning and bond building benefits.

Here’show to incorporate the bonding revolution into your service menu.

Present the bonderoption as an add-on with any chemical service. Education is critical when up-chargingan existing menu item, so be sure to thoroughly explain the advantages ofadding bonders to your clients’ formulas—like less breakage and healthier, morenourished hair. Include these benefits in the service description and in yourconsultations. “We refer to bonders as ‘insurance’ for your hair color,” saysRobert Santana, owner of Elements Salon in New York and Matrix ArtisticDirector. “When a client is spending a lot of money on her color, it’simportant to ensure her hair is as healthy as possible so the color will alwayslook its best.”

Offer bonders as a stand-alone service.  For clientswho may have already experienced damage from chemical services, thermal tooldamage or environmental damage, a restorative treatment with your salon’sbonding system could be just what they need to turn that damage around.   

Incorporate the cost ofthe bonder into your chemical services. Many salons skip the add-on and simply boosttheir overall service prices to cover the cost of adding the bonder. Theybelieve they’re the best judges of when a client can benefit from a bondingservice, so they simply structure their pricing to accommodate the addition ofa bonder when needed.

Anothernew development on the retailing side of the bonding business is theintroduction of multi-step, at-home re-bonding systems. These usually include apre-treatment, shampoo and conditioner, all designed to be used for severalweeks after the initial hair color service. Manufacturers of these restorativesystems say they offer repair and strengthening. They protect the cuticle toprolong hair color vibrancy and leave hair shiny and smooth. And they helpremove any remaining deposits left after the service.

Bondbuilders offer salons a new profit opportunity as well as a way to maintain theintegrity of clients’ hair post-chemical services. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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