3 Tips for Selling Products to Male Clients

Published by: Redken Team
May 01, 2018

Selling products to male guests can be adaunting task. Generally speaking, they're not as interested in filling theirvanities or #shelfies with products the way many female clients are. And whilethe men's hair industry is growing exponentially as more and more men areseeking out styling tutorials and product information online, there's still awide gap when it comes to convincing male clients of the necessity of stylingproducts for their hair.

"What I find with men is that we're quiteritualistic in the way we do things," says Redken Ambassador RodneyCutler. "And when men find something that they like and that works forthem, they'll stick to it. As hairdressers, our responsibility is to tap intowhat our clients feel comfortable with, but also to introduce them to those newproducts that are going to do an even better job and offer innovative newtechnologies.

Here, Cutler breaks down exactly how to sellproducts to men.

Stick With The Basics

Unlike many female clients who are always onthe lookout for the latest and greatest hair products to add to their beautyarsenal, the majority of men prefer a few hero products that they can rely on toget great results.With male clients, it’s about offering asolution”, says Cutler. “It’s about offering him a tool for creating anaesthetic where he’s going to feel comfortable and look great." During consultationswith male guests, talk to them about their hair concerns and desired endresults. Then make product recommendations that are going to address thoseneeds and make his life easier. Men want products that do what they saythey're going to do, and can fix the specific issue or concern that they havewith their hair. "It's really about results-driven solutions," saysCutler.

Anticipate Their Questions

Male guests won't ask as many questions abouttheir hairstyle as female clients will so it's on the stylist to provide thatinformation. "We often hear male clients ask, 'Will this look fitinto my social and professional setting?' rather than ‘Does this work for myage?’ or ‘Is this fashionable?’” explains Cutler. When talking to male clientsabout product, it’s important for stylists to present products in terms of howthey will fit into a man's lifestyle. For example, try explaining how a productwill give him a style that's appropriate for his job as a lawyer or how well itwill fit with his job in the creative industry.

Give Them A Service Pitch 

Think of yourself as the "how-to"columnist at a men's magazine, and use the elements of what service a productcan provide to prove its appeal. "It's really just about simplecommunication and saying, 'We're creating a certain aesthetic with your hair,and to maintain it, this product is the recipe for success,'" says Cutler.“I think if you approach it from that perspective, it's not really aboutselling. You're acting as an image consultant, and product is the prescriptionfor the desired aesthetic.”

Photography: Courtesy of Redken

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