How-To: JAPONESQUE’s Naturally Sculpted Look

Written by: SalonCentric Team
Nov 11, 2019

What You’ll Need:

Luminous Foundation
Perfecting Concealer
Kumadori Loose Finishing Powder
Velvet Touch Face Palette
AMP-UP Mascara
Blush Brush
Domed Powder Brush
Beauty Sponge Set
Makeup Setting Spray

Get The Look:

Step 1

After determining your client’s perfect match, begin pressing Luminous Foundation into the skin and blend outwards.

Step 2
Brighten and conceal dark undereyes by applying Perfecting Concealer directly under and out towards the cheekbone.

Step 3

Using a damp small Beauty Sponge, press concealer into the eye area.

Step 4
Using Perfecting Concealer in shade 5, define the areas of the face you want to sculpt.

Step 5

Using a damp Beauty Sponge, press Perfecting Concealer into the skin to create a shadowing effect on the skin.

Step 6
Lock cream products in place by gently pressing the Kumadori Loose Setting Powder onto the skin.

Step 7

Add extra definition to the cheeks using the Face Palette.

Step 8

Set the complete look by misting skin allover with Makeup Setting Spray.
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