How-To: JAPONESQUE’s Moroccan Heat

Written by: SalonCentric Team
Oct 29, 2019

What You’ll Need:
Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Primer
Perfecting Concealer
Moroccan Heat Eyeshadow Palette
Crease Blending Brush
Eye Detailer Brush
Precision Concealer Brush

Get The Look:

Step 1
Prime and brighten the eyelid with the Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Primer.

Step 2
Using the Crease Blending Brush, begin defining the inner and outer crease with shade Henna from the Moroccan Heat Eyeshadow Palette.

Step 3
Using the Crease Blending Brush, apply shade Spice to the center of the lid and blend away any harsh lines.

Step 4
Continue blending with the Crease Blending Brush using shade Spice on the opposite eye.

Step 5
With the Eye Detailer Brush, smudge the Henna shade of the Moroccan Heat Palette under the eye.

Step 6
Brighten the under eye area and clean up the outer edge with Perfecting Concealer.
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