Do You Know What Makes A Wrinkle?

Written by: StriVectin Team
Aug 26, 2020

Source: Courtesy of StriVectin

Wrinkles. They’re everywhere—in a favorite outfit, a dog’s furry face, or a grandmother’s loving smile. And perhaps most recently, they have been spotted in your client’s own reflection in the mirror, the result of years of laughter, smiles, frowns, squints, and surprises. She wouldn’t trade all of the life and love that put them there, but would be fine keeping only the memories right?

Wrinkles aren’t a guarantee.
Wrinkles don’t have to be her destiny if she takes good care of her skin, avoids exposure to sun and environmental factors as much as possible and stays true to an anti-wrinkle regimen that will combat what our environment and aging do to skin.

But why does it happen?
Collagen is the support protein in skin that gives it shape. Elastin is interwoven and makes skin elastic and resilient. When we repeatedly move our facial muscles in the same motions year after year, those collagen and elastin fibers break down. Plus, as we age, skin produces less collagen, elastin and natural oils. It becomes thinner and loses fat, making it weaker and less flexible. Free radicals, stress, the sun, other environmental factors and lack of sleep also contribute to the weakening of our collagen and elastin network. A wrinkle is simply the visible effect of the collapse of those organized fibers.

Time for some good news.
What can your client do to avoid this perfect storm of factors that cause wrinkles and continue to love, laugh and live life to the fullest? Avoid sun and environmental exposure as much as possible with sun protective clothing and SPF. And give her skin age-fighting actives that strengthen, protect and target loss of collagen so that wrinkles aren’t a foregone conclusion.

The 1-2-3 Anti-Wrinkle Regimen

All StriVectin products leverage NIA-114™ technology, an optimized form of niacin/vitamin B3 clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier, which weakens as we age. A stronger skin barrier helps protect skin from environmental stressors and inhibits moisture loss. Here, a breakdown of the three-piece anti-wrinkle regimen you should be recommending to your clients.

A super concentrated formula with BioRecode Technology that activates skin’s own wrinkle defenses to reduce the look of lines and deep, stubborn wrinkles in just 7 days*.

A next-generation moisturizer targets 10 types of skin collagen and is clinically shown to boost elasticity and visibly reduce wrinkles and stretch marks for youthful-looking skin in 2 weeks and visibly fades stretch marks in just 4 weeks.

Immediately diminish the look of lines and creases with a primer that fills and blurs to prevent makeup from settling into and intensifying wrinkles.

We should all keep filling life with emotion and expression, just without the wrinkles.

*Based on expert grading results after 1 week of use, when used as directed

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