Pro Beauty Perks FAQ

What is Pro Beauty Perks?

When you open an account with SalonCentric, you’re automatically eligible for special perks, just for being fabulous, like access to insider-only content, rewards, promotions and much more. As you continue to shop with us, you can earn even more. It’s our way of saying thanks for choosing SalonCentric!

To see perks available to you, simply download the SalonCentric App on the App Store or Google Play, or log in to your account on

Your year-to-date spend will update nightly, so make sure you check our App frequently to see how far you are from unlocking even more rewards! See additional Terms of Sale.

What are the tiers for Pro Beauty Perks?

Every dollar you spend at SalonCentric counts toward your status, whether it’s in-store, with a Salon Success Consultant, on, or through the SalonCentric App.

There are four tiers in Pro Beauty Perks:

    1. CHARMED: You're in just by opening up an account with us!

    2. ADORED: Spend $500 or more in a calendar year.

    3. PASSIONATE: Spend $1,500 or more in a calendar year.

    4. OBSESSED: Spend $4,500 or more in a calendar year.

    How much does it cost to join?

    Absolutely nothing! It's FREE and a benefit of shopping at SalonCentric!

    For 2018 how is my tier determined for Pro Beauty Perks?

    Your tier is based on your 2017 spend with SalonCentric OR your total spend this year, whichever is greater! As the year progresses, if your spend qualifies you for a higher tier, you’ll be moved up immediately (as a special perk!) and maintain that higher tier in 2019.

    How do I reach the next tier in Pro Beauty Perks?

    Once you open an account with SalonCentric, you’ll earn credit for every dollar you spend on merchandise in SalonCentric stores, with a Salon Success Consultant, on or through the SalonCentric App. This excludes the purchase of gift cards, taxes and/or shipping. See Terms of Sale for more details.

    Once I spend enough, do you automatically move me to the next tier?

    Yes! Your member level updates nightly based on latest year-to-date spend, about 48 hours after you purchase in-store or 48 hours after your order ships.

    What kind of perks do I receive for shopping at SalonCentric?

    There are special Pro Beauty Perks for each of the four tiers. Click here to see full rewards . The exclusive rewards and perks are subject to changes without prior notice and supplies are limited.

    How will I receive my Pro Beauty Perks?

    First, you need to download the SalonCentric app by clicking here or register your account on The SalonCentric app is available for iOS and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play. Your personalized rewards coupons will be communicated in the SalonCentric app and on – Pro Tip: make sure to allow notifications in the app to stay in the know!

    All of our members get the following perks and are notified via the SalonCentric App, emails,, your local store and/or Salon Success consultant.

  • Periodic Special Offers and Discounts
  • Member-Only Community Engagement Events at your store (space is limited. Inquire ahead of time by calling your local store!)
  • Exclusive Digital Content

  • Additional Perks:

  • Free Sample Days (Adored, Passionate, Obsessed Members):

    You’ll receive app notifications or check the app wallet for surprise coupons and show in-store to redeem! (Limit one sample per customer, while supplies last)

  • Early Access to New Products (Passionate, Obsessed Members):

    Available via, the SalonCentric App or through your Salon Success Consultant at various times in the year. (Participating brands and products only. Limited availability in some areas)

  • Free Online Shipping (Passionate, Obsessed):

    This perk is automatically loaded to your account on and available year-round! Shop away!

  • Private Sales and Events: (Obsessed members):

    You’ll receive an invite via mail, email, Salon Success Consultant, your store, or App notification a few weeks in advance of special events. (Limited availability in some areas)

  • Can I track my Pro Beauty Perks online?

    Yes! Sign into the SalonCentric app or log into at any time to check your Status and to see the perks available to you.

    When will I see my recent purchase in my Pro Beauty Perks account?

    Purchase and reward eligibility will be posted on and in the SalonCentric app approximately 48 hours after you purchase in-store or 48 hours after your order ships. Your purchase total excludes gift cards, taxes and/or shipping.

    When will my tier reset?

    As soon as you sign up for a SalonCentric account you begin earning status with every purchase. The status you earn will be good for the calendar year in which you qualify and the following full calendar year. For example, your accumulated spend at SalonCentric between January 1 and December 31 will determine your membership level through the following calendar year. If you reached an elevated level by the end of the year, you’ll continue at that level through the end of the following calendar year (unless your spend advances even higher!). If you don’t maintain the spend levels required by December 31, your membership level will reset to our starting level, Charmed, on January 1.

    Here are some more examples:

  • If you spend enough to achieve the Passionate level anytime in 2018, you’ll keep your Passionate status (and associated perks) through December 31, 2019. If you continue to spend more and advance to Obsessed status in 2019, you’ll guarantee your Obsessed level (and its elevated perks) through 2020.
  • OR

  • If you spend enough to achieve the Passionate level anytime in 2018, but you don’t spend the required amount in 2019 to maintain the Passionate level or to advance to the Obsessed level, your membership level will reset to Charmed (or Adored) based on your calendar year spend on January 1, 2019

  • Remember: No matter what, you will always have access to the exclusive perks associated with your current member level. We’ll send you a reminder email 30 days before your member level is set to reset.

    Can I stack my Pro Beauty Perks rewards?

    Multiple rewards and/or coupons cannot be used (stacked) in a single transaction. Best of pricing prevails.

    Does Pro Beauty Perks take the place of the other loyalty programs I am enrolled in?

    No! Pro Beauty Perks is an ADDITIONAL, (yes, you read that right, ADDITIONAL!) way to earn rewards for shopping our brand partners at SalonCentric. Make sure you keep up with programs offered by brands such as Alterna, Bioelements, Kenra, Lanza, LEVEL, Moroccan Oil, Pravana, Surface and Tressa by checking out “My Loyalty” on your account profile to stay up to date on available programs! More programs are added as they launch.

    Does this program replace LEVEL Loyalty Rewards?

    No! Similar to other rewards programs that are brand specific, LEVEL Loyalty Rewards works side by side with Pro Beauty Perks. That means you get double the benefits on your purchases of L’Oréal Professionnel, Matrix, Pureology and Redken. As a member of LEVEL, you will accrue both LEVEL points AND your spend will count towards raising your status in Pro Beauty Perks when you purchase these select brands. Isn’t that beautiful?

    Note: As a SalonCentric customer, you are automatically enrolled in Pro Beauty Perks, however, you must enroll separately if you would like to accrue LEVEL Loyalty Rewards. See more information about LEVEL.

    If I return purchases, how does that affect my member tier?

    Whenever you make a product return, we will deduct the return from your year-to-date member spend. If a return results in a lower spend level than required for your current member level, your account will be adjusted to the member level that corresponds with your new spend level.

    What happens if part of my order is cancelled?

    Your spend is based on all merchandise that is purchased. If an item is cancelled from your order, you will not receive credit for that item.

    I need help with my account.

    Please use the contact us form for submitting questions or you may also call customer service center 1-877-250-9215

    Can I combine spend from multiple accounts into a single account?

    If you have more than one SalonCentric account, please call Customer Care at 1-877-250-9215 and we will review your request to see if we can assist you by combining your accounts.

    Can I return Rewards?

    Rewards may not be returned or exchanged for cash, for another product, or for a gift card.

    Can the program or my participation change?

    SalonCentric may, in its sole discretion, alter, limit, or modify the Pro Beauty Perks eligibility, rules, guidelines, or any other feature of the program or may terminate the program at any time in its sole discretion, without prior notice or liability to account holders. Customers who abuse the program, in SalonCentric’s sole discretion, may have their accounts terminated. See Terms of Sale for additional details.